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Do you have general Terms & Conditions?

Yes, we do have general Terms & Conditions. You can find them here.

Do I have to pay for a first consultation?

No, you do not have to pay. As you can see in the service category, our main service relies on success basis. So, there is no costs for you until the point we successfully found a purchaser/ partner for your product or service. For related services, as you can also see in the service category, there will be some costs but this depends on your request. Thus, please contact us for further information.

When working with hamoso, how does your pricing look like?

For our main service which focuses on providing market entry for products and services, we work on success basis. This means that we only charge you when we can successfully close a deal. For some other services we offer, there will be fixed costs but this depends on your special request. Please, contact us for more information.

Do you have a company presentation which I can download?

Yes, we do have a company presentation as a PDF file. Click here and you can download it if you like.

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