Who we are

hamoso which is the German abbreviation for Handel Mittelost- und Südosteuropa (Trade Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe) is a young and small-sized company of Oeschger Handelsvermittlung (sole proprietorship) which was founded in 2020. Our headquarter is in Büren SO which is located in the beautiful canton Solothurn in Switzerland. We are all people of convictions and this also corresponds to our reliable working attitude.

Although being a young company, we have different working experiences over years in the fields of trade, sales, e-commerce, social media, and marketing. Furthermore, beside being businesswise connected with the German-speaking world and Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe, we also understand the social and political circumstances of this mentioned area.

Consequently, we have a quite broad understanding in that what we do. Also, we are a flexible team which is persistent and creative in finding solutions. So, you can count on us because our general motivation is also to maintain and to improve the exchange within the European economic sphere.

Thus, we would be very happy to place our know-how at your disposal in order to access new markets!

We support an increasing European Exchange!

Within Europe, there is a lot of potential to improve the exchange of goods and services. We want to be one small piece of this puzzle. In fact, there is no need to import everything from Asia. Europe – particularly Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe – includes all possibilities!

About owner

Roman Oeschger

founder & owner
commercial agent

Email: oeschger@hamoso.com
Whatsapp: +41 (0) 79 457 18 10

I was growing up in Switzerland but during my studies and thereafter, I was living approx. 10 years in Czech Republic. During my time there, I met so many motivated, creative and ambitious people especially from all around Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe. After some years of working experiences, I decided to found hamoso in order to improve businesses within Europe.

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+41 (0) 79 457 18 10