Rather looking for sales markets in German-speaking countries?

Main Service

Providing market entry

Generally, we are active in the fields of trade, trade agency and online business and we focus primarily on the markets in Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (MOSO) and on the German-speaking markets. In other words, if you come from MOSO or from the German-speaking area or you are connected to the regions in one way or another and have a product or service that you would like to place on new sales markets, then we are your suitable partner and Intermediary who can support you to provide your market entry into the mentioned markets.
We access different distribution channels such as e-commerce, retail, wholesale, etc. in order to reach customers and purchaser for your product or service. Consequently, get in touch with us to expand your sales market!

Related Services

Improving Public Relations

For a successful entry into a market, there is often a need of an explanatory usage or good story-telling about the product or service. This kind of public relations, information or marketing material must also be transmitted to the possible clients or purchaser. Also, in some case, translations have to be made into the respective language from Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe in order to communicated correctly.
If you like to get these kind of services, then hamoso can improve your public relations, can support you in translations and create the right marketing materials in order to reach partners, purchasers or clients efficiently.

Allocating online platform

We can create your own online shop in the desired Central-Eastern and Southeastern European language in order to maintain your products and expand your customer radius so that you can reach end users where they need it. Furthermore, we are also working on dropshipping options.
If you are interested, we will also support you in improving and translating your own website so that it can be used by partners and customers from Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Enhancing social media

In certain cases social media are extremely important for communicating with purchaser or clients. Also, it can be useful to keep updating social media platforms all the time to keep in touch with all necessary people.
Furthermore, in entering the Central-Eastern and Southeastern European markets, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are most efficient if they are also offered in the respective language. We can provide all this services to improve the visibility of your product(s) or service!

Compiling useful information

A lot of countries have different rules and standards. Additionally, in a few cases, there are special customs rules and costs. It is sometimes difficult to understand all rules and product standards. In general, the Central-Eastern and Southeastern European markets are very open for new products and services but a few things must always be taken in consideration when trying to enter the market.
Consequently, we can provide you with important information about customs duties & rules, quality standards of certain products, etc. Please, contact us for your specific request!

Representing at exhibitions

Sometimes it can be useful that products or services are shown in exhibitions or shows in order to get in touch with possible clients, customers or purchasers. But going with a product or service to such exhibitions or shows can organisationally be quiet costly. Therefore, you can assign us and we can represent your product or service at exhibitions or shows in countries from Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe. We will make a good impression in order to maintain your product or service!