Rather looking for sales markets in German-speaking countries?

What we offer

Our services open the door to new sales markets for you!

We are your key to get access to the biggest market in Europe!

We support you in bringing your product or service to the desired market in Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe so that you can successfully expand. Thanks to our clear cost structure, we are an excellent partner for start-ups, traders, small and medium-sized companies.

Commercial Agency

In addition to online business, being a Commercial Agency is also our core business. This means that we bring your product or service to the German-speaking market with our know-how. To make this possible, we will first talk to you about your ideas and your goals. Then we collect all the information you want to share with us (e.g. your existing marketing materials in any language, your values and visions, etc.). After all the necessary information is available and a time frame has been determined, we begin to work on finding business clients or the appropriate market, e.g. in industry or in wholesale and retail.


We know the social, political and economic circumstances in Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe. We would be happy to advise you so that the market entry can be comprehensively accessed.

Online Shop

We build for you an online shop for one or the other country with the respective language. We set everything up so that you can reach new customers in a targeted manner.

Public Relations

Beside supporting you with market entry we can also improve and translate your PR & marketing materials.

General Information

Providing you with information about customs rules, quality standards, etc. Please, contact us for your specific request.

Representing at exhibitions

we represent your product or service at exhibitions or shows in German-speaking countries.

Social Media

Creating and managing your social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the desired language.

Why work with us

We love to expand your business!


We successfully place products on the German-speaking markets

We have experiences in accessing (new) markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is our passion to work on bringing your goods into the right markets!


We know Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe

All people in our team have life or business experiences in respectively with countries within Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (CESE). Additionally, we put a lot of passion in our work. Therefore, we surely understand your needs and expectations. You can count on our expertise!


We customise our service in expecting ways

it does not matter if you have a small or big request because we are able to customise our service. Along your needs, we will adapt our service. We are flexible and focus on the basics. It is important for us that you receive the service you need in order to form an excellent ground for a successful market entry!


We work on success basis

Our main business being a commercial agency relies on success basis. In other words, there will be no costs for you up to the point in time where your product or service hits the German-speaking market. If you are interested in other specific service packages we offer, the pricing is comprehensible and clear as well!


Your contentment is our motivation!
Radek Luka (executive director of Lucky service s.r.o. in Czech Republic)

A few years ago, we decided to try to get our product on the market of Germany. In order to do so, we got in touch with the founder of hamoso, Roman Oeschger. We agreed to work with him. This was the right decision because with him, we could successfully develop our business in Germany and a bit later in Austria as well! Actually, we still and continously work with him.

Let us expand your business!

Do you have a task for us? Get in touch! Let us improve your business!